Helping You Ride Longer

Our service and repair department is here to help with everything from flat tires to full overhauls to keep your bike riding like the first day you bought it. Below are our most common service packages that will keep your bike running smooth. For repairs, stop in and talk to our mechanics to get an estimate and time frame on getting you back on the road.

All service is done on a first come, first serve basis (no appointments).

  • Tune-Up $110

    Front & Rear Brakes Adjusted

    Front & Rear Derailleurs Adjusted

    Minor Wheel Alignment (not in truing stand)

    Lubrication of chain and major pivot points on drive train

    Quick wipe down

    *Cable replacement adds $10 labor charge per cable, plus cost of parts.

  • Major Tune-Up $150

    Tune-Up Plus:

    Drivetrain Clean (includes removal and cleaning of cassette, Chain, and crank set, der. pulleys)

    Wheels removed from bike and trued in stand for added precision.

    Major wipe down and wax applied (bike must be reasonably clean, or a bike wash may be required. ($30)

    Labor included to replace any cables needed for gears or brakes( as needed)

    Labor to replace brake shoes is included (parts extra)

    Spoke replacement is not included.

  • Complete Overhaul

    Major Tune-Up Plus:

    All bearings serviced and replaced (suspension not included)

    All cables removed and replaced (cables are added as parts)

Prices for all tune ups and overhauls are for labor only. All parts including cables, brake pads, and bearings are in addition to the labor charges.

Tune ups do not include tube or tire replacements. Other damaged parts that need replaced may result in other labor charges and/or parts charges.